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Green Tech FZC offers a multitude of products that come from reputable brands such as Greystone, Regin, Lamsystems, Wago, Neptronic, and Phoenix. We are able to sell, install, and commission these products.


HVAC equipment requires a control system to regulate the operation of heating and/or air conditioning system. Usually a sensing device is used to compare actual state.


Green Tech supplies air outlets from grills, to diffusers, and louvers as well customized sand trap louvers.


Ventilation fans used to control the air flow of building, Green Tech offers ventilation fans for both commercial and industrial uses.

Kitchen ventilation and smoke/odor control are always a priority product for Green Tech


Variable air volume unlike constant air flow systems
which supply a constant airflow VAV vary the airflow at a constant temperature


We understand that most homeowners don’t undertake major exterior replacements and redesign projects more than once, and that’s why our goal.